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stray cat spraying my front door

Found these little rascals chowing down on some cat food that I left out for a stray cat that hangs around our house… me and my son we’re pretty much trapped outside our front door lol haha they are lucky they are so cute lol

Stray Cat Spraying My Front Door – read more about stop a cat from peeing here.

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Hi SOAK Ultra Absorbent Pet Urine Hard Floor Cleaner

cat peeing on hard surfaces

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Cat Peeing On Hard Surfaces – you can read how to stop cats from spraying

Male Cat Castration Paul Kelly Veterinary Surgeon

cat marking territory after neuter

Male Cat Neutering Castration

Hi my name is Paul Kelly I am a veterinarian and my practice is located on the Fairyhouse Road just outside the village of Ratoath in county Meath. My practice is approximately 16 miles from O’Connell Street in Dublin city centre. My practice is called Paul Kelly veterinary surgery.

In my practice we cater for mostly small domestic pet animals and exotics pets. One of the most common procedures I carry out most days is cat neutering and castration of cats or young male pups. Some people call it spaying, but for male cats the correct terms are castration and neutering.
The procedure can be carried out if the cat is at least five to six months old. That’s the earliest age at which you can carry that particular procedure on cats and kittens.
Castrating a cat is removing the reproductive organs i.e. removing the testicles.

For your male cat, this has many advantages for you as a cat owner. It means that your male cat will stop producing the male hormones, which will have the effect that your cat will not be spraying around your home marking his territory as much; it will also mean that your cat will not go off in search of females looking to mate with them. It also lessens the chances of your cat getting into fights with other males over female in heat.

Another important result of having your cat neutered or castrated is that it greatly reduces the risk of developing problems related to their prostate getting enlarged in later years, which can cause health issues for your cat.

Both cat neutering and cat castration take place under general anaesthetic, I give all the cats a general medical health check to ensure that they are in a fit and healthy condition to undergo the operation.

Some people are under the assumption that your cat will stop hunting, this is not true, your male cat will still hunt rodents like mice and rats, which is one reason some people keep a cat.

The costs of spaying are approximately €50 to €60 depending on whether the cat is a three or six kilo cat. All cats make great pets, and having your cat neutered will not decrease its use as a great pet.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call me or my team here at the surgery, you can reach us on +353 1 8027 604 or visit our website at http://PaulKellyVet.Com

Our surgery address is 3B The Old Mill, Fairyhouse Road, Ratoath, County Meath. Ireland.

Thank you for watching the video.

male cat castration
male cat neuters
spaying a male cat
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Cat Marking Territory After Neuter – read more about stop cats peeing here.