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How to paint brake drums ANY color DIY

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How to paint brake drums ANY color DIY

How to spray paint brake drums. Want to re-use your brake drums? This video will show you how to save some money and safely recondition your brake drums. It costs a drum (and more for some cars) and only to get them turned. Plus, the spray paint will make them look great, prevent rust, and make getting them off the next time very simple (no more stuck rusty brake drums). I used high temperature paint to get the perfect finish and last under heavy braking!

High Temp Spray Paint I used:

How to remove brake drums:
How to replace brake drums:

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Because u guys so much like my DISNEY GLOW IN DARK themed SPRAY PAINT ART i decided that in today’s video I’m gonna Paint ALICE IN WONDERLAND that will GLOW IN DARK same as my previous Disney themed paintings. I hope u will enjoy in this video! Thanks for watching and let me know what would u like to see in some of the next videos 🙂 Stay AWESOME!

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-My off cam (Sony action cam X3000R ):
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Stay tuned and learn how to become Spray painting artist 🙂

Spray paint ART by Stefan Acanski a.k.a Skech

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Step 1: Set up the tree
Put your tree in its stand, but leave it undecorated for a few days so your cat can get used to it. Be sure to place the tree in a heavy stand, and anchor it to the ceiling or a wall.

Step 2: Decorate the tree
Decorate the tree, leaving the lowest area free of decorations for the first few days. Add decorations to the bottom of the tree after the cat has gotten used to the higher ones.

Hang the ornaments with ribbons rather than hooks, and do not use tinsel. Use heavy ornaments that do not dangle.

Step 3: Coat electrical cords
Coat electrical cords with with a non-toxic chew deterrent to discourage your cat from biting them.

Hide electrical cords by threading them through PVC tubing.

Step 4: Add a scratching post
Place a scratching post near the tree along with some kitty greens. Make it so that everyone, including your feline friend, will enjoy a green Christmas.

Did You Know?
In 1856, President Franklin Pierce became the first American president to put a Christmas tree in the White House.
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